Wondering Why You Should Choose Our Heat Treatment...?

1. Heat Treatments are 100% pesticide free!

Don't like the idea of pesticides in your home? Heat treatment is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs AND it's 100% pesticide free!

2. Our heat treatment uses the newest, safest, and most effective technology.

Responders uses the latest glycol turbine heat transfer units to safely deliver a heat-kill to bed bugs in your home. Other heat treatment equipment uses high powered electric heaters. These take a long time to work, and can be a fire hazard. Does your insurance cover that? Don't settle for second-rate technology with second rate safety! Choose Responders and you'll have the safest, fastest, and most effective heat treatment on the market.

3. Heat treatment saves your furniture AND eliminates bed bugs.

Conventional bed bug treatments will require you to throw out a LOT of furniture. Beds, mattresses, couches, and dressers often end up at the dump. Once bed bugs start laying eggs inside furniture items they can be almost impossible to dislodge with pesticide. The cost of replacing this lost furniture can be huge. Heat treatment penetrates your furniture items and kills bed bugs inside and out. Save your furniture, choose heat.

4. Heat treatment is the most effective solution to your bed bug problem.

When the temperature gets high enough, bed bugs die along with their eggs. Using our specialized equipment we raise the temperature to just the right level, and keep it there, until your bed bug problem is history. Pesticide treatments sometimes take weeks and several applications to completely eliminate a bed bug infestation. Heat treatment takes only 5-8 hours.