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Bed Bugs Removal

Over the past two decades, bed bugs have grown into a major and commonly experienced problem among homeowners in Winnipeg. Bed bugs are relentless and difficult to kill, and they can multiply quickly. In fact, Winnipeg has the second-most bed bugs among Canadian cities. Responders has figured out a sure-fire way to remove bed bugs from your Winnipeg home for good, and that’s through our heat treatment. Heat has been proven to be one of the most effective bed bug treatments out there. We guarantee it will squash your bed bug problem once and for all.

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Bed bugs are not pleasant creatures to be dealing with, and when you have that problem in your home it can be very difficult to relax and enjoy your life to the full so you have to make sure you call us! We will get rid of bed bugs in only hours and you will not think about them again! Besides, our trucks and uniforms won’t give you out as we will come in unmarked clothing and vehicles. So call us today for a service you will not forget!

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as realizing that bed bugs have invaded your home. Fortunately, there are things that can be done to correct the problem. You will need the help of someone who understands the nature of bed bugs, what they look like, and what it will take to kill the adults and the eggs. Here is some information you should know about Winnipeg bed bugs, how to go about the process of bed bug removal properly, and why knowing how to use a bed bug registry will help you in the future.

What do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are among the smallest creatures that you can see with the naked eye. Their bodies are oval in shape and are usually flat. They do not have full wings. Instead, bed bugs have what are usually called vestigial wings or wing pads. The bugs are dark brown in appearance, although that will change after they feed. Any bed bugs that have fed recently will have a red to reddish-brown appearance.

What Do Bed Bugs Bites Look Like

Understanding what the bugs look like is the first step toward knowing if bed bugs removal is in order. It’s not unusual for pest control experts to ask clients to take images of the bugs and forward them by email or text. This helps to speed up the process of confirmation and helps the exterminator prepare for dealing with the infestation.

How to Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Strictly speaking, you may not be able to avoid bed bugs from getting into the home. There are certainly ways you can minimize the potential for an infestation. Those efforts begin with you and your family. 

If you travel, learning how to prevent bed bugs is a must. Start by making use of the latest registry to determine if bed bugs have been reported in any hotel or corporate apartment you plan on using during the trip. There is an up to date bed bug registry in Winnipeg for 2018, so you should have no trouble identifying any location with reported issues. Always check to see if those issues were resolved before booking a reservation.

You also want to be mindful of thoroughly laundering or dry cleaning your clothing upon returning from your trip. There’s always the potential that you picked up the bugs without knowing they are tagging along in your luggage. Remember to disinfect your suitcases, as well as have your clothes cleaned. Promptly changing the bed linens after having overnight guests is another way to protect the home. Just as you could bring the bugs inside without knowing it, guests could also inadvertently introduce them to your space.

Remember if you see any signs of activity, call a bed bugs Winnipeg exterminator at once. The right type of treatment will stop those bed bugs right in their tracks.

Signs of Bed Bugs in Your Winnipeg Home

Bed Bugs Signs

You may suspect that there are bed bugs in the home. 

Even if you stay in bed-bug-free apartments or hotels, there is still some risk that they got in somehow. If you notice any of these signs, you want to call a professional and get some help removing those bed bugs from your Winnipeg home. 

  • Red Bite Marks
    Bed bugs get their nourishment from blood and usually get their main meal while you’re sleeping. So if you notice marks on your skin upon waking up, you can bet it’s from a bed bug.
  • Blood Spots
    You may notice blood spots on your sheets. This is from a bed bug that has already bitten you.
  • Trouble Sleeping
    Feeling fatigued in the morning may be a sign of bed bugs. Fatigue along with a fever could be a sign you’ve been bitten.
  • Musty smell
    Bed bugs can produce a stale odour similar to a wet towel. It can even emanate through your Winnipeg home. Luckily, killing bed bugs in Winnipeg is easy with heat treatment from Responders.

 Bed bugs can produce a stale odour similar to a wet towel. It can even emanate through your Winnipeg home. Luckily, killing bed bugs in Winnipeg is easy with heat treatment from Responders.

What To Expect After Bed Bugs Treatment

Responders heat treatment only takes 8-12 hours so you can safely live in your home pretty much right away. As Winnipeg’s best exterminators we make sure to get every last bed bug, it’s part of our guarantee. So, you can be sure that after treatment, your home is bed bug free and ready to live in. By using heat instead of chemicals, your house won’t have that harsh chemical smell. In fact, heat will make your house smell fresher by dislodging dirt from carpet and curtain panels. On top of that, because you won’t have a chemical film on every surface, you’ll be able to touch, use or clean your surfaces right away. You also won’t have to sleep on an awkward plastic mattress cover that’s supposed to prevent bed bug eggs from hatching. The heat can penetrate into the middle of the mattress, so after treatment, your bed is good to go!

Best Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

The most practical way to go about bed bugs removal is to call a professional. It’s true there are over the counter remedies you can try, and they will help to some extent. The thing to remember is that those products may help clean surfaces, but the bed bugs are likely already deep in the mattresses and possibly some of your upholstered furnishings. That’s why you need help from a professional.

Keep in mind that Winnipeg bed bugs can also settle in places you may not think to look. That includes your linen closets, the clothes closet, and even the window treatments. An expert with a bed bugs removal service will check all of these spots and a few more. For example, checking along baseboards for signs of activity is a must.

When it comes to ways to get rid of bed bugs, your local exterminator will have more than one option. Heat is one of the most popular ways to remove bugs from the home. That’s because heat can get into areas where other treatment methods cannot.

For example, assume there are already adults and eggs deep in the mattress. Older treatment methods will not reach them. All that could be done is to treat the outer layers and then encase the mattress in some sort of sealed sleeve. That had to be left in place for a year to ensure the adults and the hatched eggs died. Unless you opted for the sealed enclosure, the only alternative was to replace the mattress.

By using heat, it is possible to get deep into mattresses or upholstered furniture, kill the eggs as well as the adults, and eliminate the problem. Along with allowing you to avoid the expense of replacing various pieces of furniture, the actual bed bug heat treatment cost in Winnipeg is much more affordable than many people think.

Why Choose Responders Bed Bug Removal Service?

Unmarked Uniforms and Van

We know how much of a touchy subject bed bugs are. Even the word itself is enough to evoke alarm in most people. So we wear unmarked uniforms and an unmarked van so for all your neighbours know, you’re getting your dishwasher upgraded.

24 Hour Arrival

Some bed bug removal services won’t get back to you after several days. Upon calling Responders - pest removal services, we can arrive at your place of residence in 24 hours, even on the weekends.

We Use Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Removal

We use a special kind of bed bug treatment, heat treatment. This treatment allows heat to penetrate the hardest to reach places and kills bed bugs and their eggs instantly. It only takes 8-12 to complete the process and leaves your home completely livable afterward. When choosing a service for eliminating bed bugs in Winnipeg, consider Responders Pest Control heat treatment. Not only are we confident our heat treatment technology will kill every last one of your bed bugs, but we also guarantee it!

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I was at a loss when I found I had bed bugs in the office. Luckily I got a response from Responders right away. Their heat treatments really do work! So happy with results! I will definitely be recommending them to others with the same issue.

Neil / River Heights, Winnipeg

I never thought I would get bed bugs, but it happened. I was so scared that it would ruin my furniture. Responders said the heat treatments are harmless to furniture and they were right! Every piece of furniture was perfectly intact. No more bed bugs!

Caroline / West End, Winnipeg

I run a BnB and was shocked when I found bed bugs in one of the rooms. I called Responders and they came in and out of my house so quickly and they thoroughly checked and eliminated every last bug. I could even continue business the next day!

Isabel / Grant Park, Winnipeg
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